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If you’re interested in professional carpet cleaning, don’t simply turn to whatever carpet cleaning coupons you’ve received in the mail.

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Most people find one of the most frustrated aspects of owning carpeted floors to be the fact that you simply cannot erase stains. You can’t wipe up red wine on a carpet in the same way you could wipe it up off of wood floors.

Unfortunately, for the majority of things spilled onto carpets, a portion of it is there to stay. That is, of course, unless you have the stain quickly treated by professionals. You have to treat wool, synthetic, and oriental carpets as individually as their components.

Carpet Stain Removal

For carpet stain removal, the faster you work with the stain, the better your chance of removal is. For better and worse, stain removal has become a major area of marketing for retail companies, eager to promote their new stain fighting cleaning agent.

Unfortunately, unknowing home owners purchase a product, only to find out that it doesn’t in fact remove stains at all. And in the meantime, they may have made the stain even worse, because you truly need to treat it the correct way the first time in order to achieve the best results.

However, even with stains that have sat around for a while, our carpet cleaning technicians will work their hardest to achieve the best results – as little stain visible as possible (or none!) is our goal. We will pre-treat all stains before performing carpet cleaning in your home or office.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

For both house cleaning and office cleaning, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods, including dry absorbent compound cleaning, bonnet/pad cleaning, and carpet steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning has become the number one option for carpet and carpet upholstery recently. This is because it is among the most effective cleaning methods and is Eco-friendly.

Our truck mount carpet cleaning process begins with injecting extremely hot water (which itself is a germ-fighter) deep into the fibers of your carpet. The water agitates dirt, pollen, dust mites, dust and other allergens loose, and then everything is sucked up by our powerful truck-mounted vacuuming system.

The only thing that is left is an extremely clean carpet, free of all of those unsightly and unwanted particles that used to be clinging to all of the fibers within your carpet.

Although you may worry that carpet cleaning to frequently can harm your carpet, in actuality, the opposite is true. Dirt and other debris actually breaks down the fibers in your carpets, leading to a worn look and a shorter lifespan.

Carpet is certainly an investment, and routine professional cleaning a major way of protecting that investment. Call us today for a free estimate.


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