About Us

About Us

Since 2001
 Two Brothers Floor Maintenance Service has been proud to provide top quality service to the Tri-State area (New York, Connecticut and New Jersey).

We take great pride in our business. We are committed to helping our customers keep their carpets, flooring and upholstery looking and performing like new. We guarantee that your cleaning needs will be met in terms of our exceptional customer service and our advanced cleaning technology.

At  Two Brothers Floor Maintenance Service we feel we have a reputation of quality and integrity to uphold. We are licensed and bonded and a member of several organizations dedicated to upholding the standards of the carpet care industry.  We work closely with several leading carpet companies in the valley to insure our customers always receive the best possible service and products.

The Two Brothers Floor Maintenance Service Difference: We’ve stayed in business for over 10 years because we are committed to providing exceptional services and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our clients count on Two Brothers Floor Maintenance Service to provide prompt, professional service that exceeds expectations

Two Brothers Floor Maintenance Service. has over 10 years of experience in the Carpet Care Industry. We bring together expert management, highly professional office staff, certified technicians, and the best equipment available today to provide unmatched customer service and cleaning results

The one thing we know how to do at “Two Brothers Floor Maintenance Service” is take care of your floors.  No matter what kind of floor you have, we can care for it, and make it look clean, shiny and bright!  Our experienced floor crew is dedicated to making your floors look like new.  We strip, scrub, wax, buff, and clean your floors, and guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.  We have maintenance programs to help keep them looking like new all year 

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Tel: 347-202-352

email: eloce621@gmail.com